“Leaving Paradise”

"Leaving Paradise" (2009)

"Leaving Paradise" (2009)

Mirella Ruiz and her three-year old daughter live with her grandparents in a modest Bronx apartment.  Her earnings as a waitress contribute to their little household.  One day at her diner, Mirella reads a newspaper ad that opens a new path for her—NYU is seeking to raise their minority profile.

When the university accepts her as a student and offers financial assistance, she begins a new life fueled by education, ambition and talent. The professors and work colleagues she meets along the way help shape her destiny, but each encounter changes them as well.

The men she meets are all different. Each offers something she’s looking for. In the end, it is Mirella who chooses for herself and for her child.

Leaving Paradise is author Mike London’s 2nd novel.  It follows the adventures of a young woman who moves from a modest background to become a Wall Street dynamo.  It is also about a single mom’s quest for love in all the right places.

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